Running kit with “The Running Man”

Get an insight into the technical features you never knew you needed. A product review with SQDAthletica ambassador and a man who runs to help others, Kieron Douglass.
Being a long distance runner I like to keep my mind clear and focused on the kilometres in front of me. And in doing so, there is nothing more important on a long run than making sure I am wearing the right gear and most importantly making sure I am comfortable. With my mind focused on the next 100km it’s leaves no room mentally to be worrying about discomfort and of course the dreaded chaff. Having worn quite a few pairs of shorts over the years and always having an issue only a few kilometres into the run I can now comfortably say that after testing out the Freedom shorts I have finally found a pair of shorts that I can wear going the distance.
Super lightweight and being that they are water resistant, they don’t soak in the moisture after dousing my head with water. And another important feature that I love and I think is really crucial when stretching out the legs is the flexibility. Allowing me to move my legs in any direction without feeling as though they have cut off my circulation. Also great when strengthening my legs in the gym with no issues squatting or lunging. I also really like the side ventilation panels. If in a race it’s important that you don’t overheat so having the air flow support built in is absolutely incredible. Another plus to the freedoms is the back hip pocket.
Big enough to store a small snack like a muesli bar or some gels but not to big that it feels awkward. Another cool feature is that if you drive somewhere to run and you need a place to store your key, there is a secret stash internal pocket.