Ultra Marathon Runner shares how he chooses the best running gear

On the lookout for some new running kit? Check out what ambassador and long distance running veteran, Kieron Douglass looks for in his gear.


Let’s talk tools of the trade – you can’t go past SQD’s running short collection… they are definitely my choice of weapon. I always run in the Aeolus Running Short, which is 100% built for comfort and speed, whether you are about to tackle a marathon or a weekend hit out. It’s super stretchy with no resistance, but my two favourite perks from wearing the Aeolus’ is that they have great ventilation and are really light. Oh, and did I mention they have a rad back pocket!


As important as your shorts are when running, nothing is more important than your choice of tee. Let’s face it, when the sun’s out and you’re running in the heat… you’re going to sweat. SQD’s  Vulcan Running Tee is no exception to that. HOWEVER, it seems as though it takes quite a few kilometres for it to feel the effects of the body warmth you give off, which is incredible for a runner. Also, it’s built with great ventilation features so it dries out pretty quick, and it’s also made with Polygiene®, which breaks down the bacteria that causes you to stink. It’s also great, because it means you don’t have to wash it that often. That’s right, a running tee that won’t stink and that you can wear several days in a row!



My hit outs involve a total of 150-200km’s a week, so I spend quite a lot of time on the road and on my feet, but I’m happy to inform you that the SQD Street Sock is definitely one of the best. It’s been a long time since I have had blisters and it doesn’t look like I’ll get them anytime soon wearing these bad boys.


Having run every square inch of my home town, I tend to venture out a bit further than most, looking for old and empty roads with not much traffic. One thing’s for sure though, I don’t venture too far without my SQD Plastic Waterbottle. It’s BPA free and has a handy loop that means it’s easy to keep a hold of.


My Acland Towel is a must for those long sweaty hit outs, because no one likes to sit in a sweaty car seat… or so my wife yells at me anyway!

But don’t take my word for it… try it out yourself.


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