2019 Goals with Tommy Norton – Age Champion Triathlete

2019 is well and truly here and we wanted to sit down with Tommy Norton, our SQD Pacific Fair retail manager as well as an age champion triathlete to chat about his goals for the year ahead and what they want to stay fit for.

What are you ‘fit for’ in 2019?

Do you have any milestones or events you are training for?
My main focus this year is on the IRONMAN 70.3 WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP in September this year. I am using all my races leading up to the event to test out different race plans & nutrition to ensure I arrive in France in my best possible condition.

How will you be training to hit these goals?
A lot haha.

How often do you train?
7 days a week of structured training across all 3 disciplines; bike, run & swim.

Where do you train?
All my training is done on the Gold Coast but since it’s swim, bike, run, it isn’t always in the same spot at the same time which is what I like about Triathlons it really can be done anywhere & work around your schedule.

What is your training philosophy/mantra?
HARD WORK PAYS & Stay Consistent

Do you have any particular quotes or advice that helps you push through when you don’t feel like training?
You want something bad enough? Well wake up, go out there & get it! The only thing holding you back is yourself. Time isn’t an excuse, there is 24hrs in a day so if you want it that bad you will have to sacrifice certain things & hustle.

Can you outline what a week’s worth of training looks like for you?
I’d be here for a while and take up a whole page to explain but a real simple break down is this…

  • Monday – Swim & Gym
  • Tuesday – Brick Session (Bike & Run combo)
  • Wednesday – Run Track Threshold Session + 2hr Bike ride
  • Thursday – Bike intervals + Run OTB + Gym
  • Friday – Tempo Run + Swim Session
  • Satruday – Long Ride 4hrs
  • Sunday – Long Run + Ocean Swim Session

What SQD products do you have on high rotation in your training wardrobe?
The Aeolus Run Short & all the SQUAD Tee’s. I basically live in them. For the weekends I love the Rochester Tee. The stripes are classic and simple and it’s so comfy.

What does your regular ‘day on a plate’ look like?
I’m lucky to have Performance Eating fuelling the tank which makes it super easy to eat healthy and stay on track. Add in Body Science shakes in between meals and some fruit & nuts and I’m good to go.

What do you do to relax/unwind?
I don’t have much free time with training and working full time running the SQD store at Pacific Fair. When I do have a few hours spare I’m usually at the beach or hanging with friends and family getting coffee etc. That is if I’m not sleeping haha.