Tips for staying healthy over the Easter Break

Check out a few tips from our ambassadors on how to maintain over the Easter break.

Kieron Douglass 

How do we eat chocolate bunnies whilst staying guilt free and fit over Easter? My tip is to make your own Easter eggs. Not only will they be lower in sugar, but I’m fairly confident you’ll find that they taste better as well.

Go to the shop and buy yourself the following – coconut oil, raw cacao powder, rice malt syrup and a packet of shredded coconut. Then, simply pour some coconut oil into a heated pan (add more if needed), then add some raw cacao powder and stir furiously blending both ingredients together. Then, because cacao is quite bitter, stir a good amount of rice malt syrup into the mix and finally, add the shredded coconut. Once mixed through, pour into whatever moulds you want and put them straight into the fridge or freezer. Leave for 20min and binge all you want – guilt free. That’s my healthy Easter tip. Enjoy!

Scott Prince 

This Easter break, I’ll be focusing on fitness and plan to smash out a HIIT workout (F45 session) and a walk around Emerald Lakes. Perfect way to earn the eggs!

Cameron Furse 

My food tip over Easter is to only eat when hungry (don’t force feed) and only until satisfied. Outside of that, it’s all about portion control.
In terms of exercise, take the chance to go for a walk or jog with the family or play sport in the back yard. Basically, try to work up a sweat each day.

Ben Pevreall 

Easter for me is great to spend quality time with family. The Easter break is all about balance for me, not breaking any PBs but planning some quality sessions in the mornings to balance out the indulgence of food during the break. I work up the food and beer credits in the morning to give them back during the day. Hope you all have a great Easter.