The Great Escape – Borneo with Lee Carseldine

Get lost with ambassador Lee Carseldine and his partner El as they talk conservation, doing your bit for mother earth and all the essentials you need to travel into the jungles of Borneo.
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My partner El and I have just launched the first of our “travel deeper” projects which involves us raising awareness of amazing foundations and causes that otherwise have difficulty spreading their messages across media platforms.  It involves us immersing ourselves in that location and with the local people, learning as much as we possibly can about the cause and capturing amazing content that we can share with our followers.

Our first trip, which recently finished, saw us travel to Borneo to help raise awareness around the issues of deforestation, the massive expansion of palm oil plantations, and the extinction of the Orangutan population.  The orangutan species is critically endangered due to massive deforestation through the increase in palm oil plantations.  Our eco trip involved helping buy back land from the local people so that the palm oil companies couldn’t purchase the land. It was an amazing experience and one we were proud to get involved in.

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Must do:  

Activities in the jungle are limited due the remoteness of the location and the dense, thick forest, however there are some challenging treks to get to the desired feeding stations.
Must bring

Water – hydration is a must in the harsh, humid conditions.

Trekking boots – normal runners won’t cut the mustard out there.

Backpack- make sure the backpack you bring is comfy cause you’ll be wearing it for a while!

Camera – you don’t get to locations like this every day so it makes sense to capture it.

Cold beers – always good to finish off a tough day and reflect on the amazing experience.


Must wear

The SQD Freedom Shorts – I won’t tell you how many days in a row I wore my Freedom shorts as it might offend.

The SQUAD Tee – this one absorbed a fair bit of sweat in the humid conditions as well as having Polygiene anti stink technology which kept me fresh…thank goodness