The challenges of building a small business

About three years ago, I decided to take the plunge and launch my own small business, a drone technology company, Droneit Group.

I started the business because I’ve always been mesmerized with aerial photography. The use of drone technology was improving day by day and I thought it would be a great opportunity to match the two together. From an industry perspective, I also saw huge opportunities.

Like all small businesses though, I wasn’t initially prepared for the challenges that come when you try to do everything yourself. Eventually, I learned when I recognised that, while no one could fault me for not putting in the effort, the business was stalling. I made the decision to trust other people to assist me in growing it and now I have a great team. That’s one of my biggest pieces of advice for others starting their own business – getting the right team together from the outset is crucial, as is making sure that these people are invested for the right reasons.

Another big lesson for me was that when you start something new, getting awareness as fast as you can is essential. I really had to make a big sacrifice at the start to get the Droneit brand out there. I got my hands dirty and worked for free for three to six months to build my skills, create relationships within the business community, and get the brand off to a good start.

One of the biggest challenges I faced with awareness was gaining recognition for the fact that we’re not just a drone business. We’ve really had to highlight that we’re a media business, but we just happen to love flying drones. Promoting that message has been a tricky one, but I’ve found that if we keep producing great content for our clients, the message eventually makes its way to the top.

Now three years on and Droneit is going great! We’re in a really exciting phase at the moment. We’re about to launch our new website which has been six months in the making and we know that this site and the services we offer will open doors and help create opportunities to anyone who wants to have a red hot crack in this exciting industry.

Looking back and I wouldn’t do anything differently. I think all the hard lessons are there to be learnt for a reason. There is a reason why I had to get into the grind and do the hard yards early to set myself for success down the track. It’s helped build resilience in the business world, it’s helped build character, it’s helped build the business an identity, and hopefully it will help build long-term success.