SQD Dads tell us about their best Father’s Day

We sat down with some of our favourite SQUAD dads to chat all things family and how they love to spend Father’s Day.

Lee Carseldine – Ex – Professional Cricket Player 

My best Father’s Day is every year! Especially with my boys being the age they are at as their presents are handmade and the card messages are so honest and unconditional. Prior to my boys coming into my life I had lived a life gloriously unbalanced and now they  have reset my inner values which I am truly grateful for.

I love getting out and wearing my boys out which we do by going down to the local park. I love the fact that they come home absolutely spent and have gotten the most out of the day. My kids have an unparalleled energy that if converted into electricity could light up all of China. It’s sometimes a workout just keeping up with them. For me the best gift that my boys could give me is a simple hug, kiss, smile and a “I love you”. Failing that a new car would be a nice present from them.

Kieron Douglas – Ultra Marathon Runner

We are a pretty close and tight little family and because of that Father’s Day is pretty much every weekend. We go out and do things like we would any Father’s Day. But if I were to pick my favourite Father’s Day, it would be my first. I just remember looking at my daughter and thinking how unbelievably happy I was. It was as if nothing else mattered. Having kids has definitely brought the best out in me personally and as a father and it is one of the biggest reasons why I do what I do.

The greatest gift my kids could give me would be what I have tried to give to them since they were both born. The knowledge of strength, the power of confidence, the happiness of a smile and the heart to bring that all together for when they need it the most. The gift of knowing I am doing my job as their dad. That and a bit of peace and quiet haha.

Al Stevenson  – Entrepreneur

Everyday is special when you have kids. My life changed for the better when I had kids, no matter how bad your day has been you come home and look at your kids and know that it is all worth it. Father’s Day is obviously special though as it’s one day where we get to stop & celebrate with our family.

Father’s Day usually involves having a big family BBQ & the kids will play with their cousins & run around in the yard. It is great to watch them play & grow up

together. I definitely like the kids to be outdoors & playing in the yard or the park. We have just bought a house on the park, this was a lifestyle choice as I want the kids to see the park as their backyard. Ultimately, the greatest gift my kids could give me this Father’s Day is to laugh & smile. The kids’ happiness is all that matters to me.