Ben Treffers – Favourite Surf Spots

I love being out in the ocean. Nothing clears my head better than getting out there and going for a surf. It really helps me to feel refreshed and ready for another week.

I also enjoy the challenge of getting better and narrowing my focus on being in the water and in the moment. My three favourite surf spots on the Gold Coast are:


1: Flat Rock, Tugun. 

This is the closest beach to my house, and the shortest walk from the car to the water, making it my favourite and go-to beach. Parking is right on the beach, making it perfect for those quick surfs when you can’t afford to go hunting for a wave. You can surf either side of the rock and usually there is a good bank on one side. When the surf is big, it can be slightly smaller at Flat Rock, making it slightly less busy than Currumbin. I have surfed here on 4ft days, all the way down to half a foot, and had equally as much fun.

2: Dreamtime, Fingal Head. 

A quick drive south from the Gold Coast is Fingal Head, and Dreamtime beach is a beautiful beach hidden by bush and headland. The little carpark is at the end of a cul-de-sac in the middle of some houses. You have to walk through the bush a little, but then on the other side, the beach is stunning. A headland protects the beach from those summer northerlies, and often the drive keeps the crowds down. I’ve had some pretty fun surfs there when there are no other options because of the wind, and it’s an awesome spot to setup camp for the day.


3: Greenmount, Coolangatta. 

One of the most popular waves in the world, I only surf this point when the other beaches aren’t an option. As a goofy footer, I prefer going left over going right, but I do like surfing my log on the points when the waves are a bit smaller. It is super fun and relaxing being out there longboarding in the small waves. I like Greenmount a bit better than Snapper because it is less busy, and often you can grab good waves that others have fallen on. Because of all the people, I don’t surf here much, but when it’s good, it’s good.