Get to know Ultra Runner Kieron Douglass – Food, work, training and family life

What are you ‘fit for’ in 2019?
This year more than any I am ‘fit for’ my family as we welcome our third child into the world. I am ‘fit for’ myself as I challenge my body and mind in ways I have never before. And I am fit for my mental health because without it I am not fit for any of the above.

Do you have any milestones or events you are training for?
As I tackle a number of races this year my main priority is the ‘Ultra Trail Gold Coast 500km’ in September. Last year as I took on the UTGC 200Mile race I was not to happy with my speed so in recent weeks I have started working on that. The UTGC 500km will be my biggest and longest run.

How will you be training for a 500km race!?
Pushing myself on longer runs and incorporating boxing and sprints back into my training.

How often do you train?
I run everyday to train or to simply wind down after a big day at work. But I am currently back boxing 3x a week and will soon introduce some cycling to mix it up a bit and to give the old legs a little break.

Where do you train?
With the UTGC 500 being a trail race I will be spending a lot of time on the trails. Where I live in the bayside we have a lot of fun local trails around us and I will occasionally get down to the Nerang State Forest to test out the course. If I’m in need of a break from running for whatever reason my go to place is the Nodeal Boxing Gym in Ormiston. Which I have been a member of for 10 years now.

What is your training philosophy?
When I’m running or in an intense training session I find myself yelling ‘ALL DAY’ or ‘Hakunamatata’ haha. When I was an amateur boxer in my younger years fighting I would always say ‘ALL DAY’ which to me meant ‘Your still standing so you still have more to give, don’t finish this fight until the tank is empty’ but even when I had nothing left to give I’d still say it. It pushed me.

Do you have any particular quotes or thoughts you aspire to in your training/life?
There are a lot of great quotes out there that I love but also with what I have been through in life growing up and with some of the things I have done over the years I find myself thinking of my own from time to time from my own experiences.

No one knows what they are capable of doing unless they allow themselves to step outside their comfort zone – which we are all capable of doing no matter how big the challenge. It’s just a matter of getting off that couch, stepping out that front door and doing it. And It’s ok to fear and have doubt, that’s what keeps us on our toes… just don’t let it defeat you. Because It is just as scared of you as you are of it. Nothing squashes fear like a triumph.

Can you outline what a week’s worth of training looks like for you?
Regardless the day, I am running to and from work everyday without fail… approximately 30km a day splitting it up in two lots of 15km’s. On a Monday, Tuesday and Thursday night I will head down to the boxing gym for 1.5hrs punching the bag or doing pad work with my trainer Phillip Holiday (6x IBF WORLD CHAMP).

What SQD products do you have on high rotation in your training wardrobe?
My Freedom Shorts and Aeolus Shorts have begun my second skin. I also couldn’t live without my Vulcan Tee & Singlet. They are definitely my go to for long distance.

What SQD products do you have on high rotation in your leisure wardrobe?
My white and blue Rochester Tee with my Leyden Chino Shorts. I do love my SQD Jogger Pants. They practically go with everything.

What is your 9-5 job?
I work as a landscaper!

What does a day in your life look like?
My day starts off with some good music. As a family we love it. Doesn’t matter what day it is music is a must. The kids love it before school and it sets the mood for my work day. I will then run to work, coffee is a must, I treat landscaping like it’s a training session or a warm up before I run home. As I come home I stretch and warm down under a tree where the family comes out. Sometimes I will still have music playing so we sit out there for a bit and chat about the day. Kombucha, shower, dinner, dad duties, family time and bed. All ready to do it again the next day.

What does your regular ‘day on a plate’ look like?

I really don’t restrict myself from eating the foods I love. I LOVE my food but obviously eating in moderation is key.

Because I burn a lot of energy through the day I will sometimes start with poached eggs with avocado and sea salt sometimes mixing it up by adding in bacon and even a few pancakes believe it or not. Coffee is a MUST! Between breakfast and lunch I graze on fruits and nuts with lunch looking more like sweet potato salad with hard boiled eggs or salmon or if we have leftovers from dinner it may even be chicken or some pasta.

Usually having a big lunch it gets me through to dinner which may involve chicken or fish with veggies but I actually love to slow cook so we have a lot of beef stews. We also love to make homemade pizzas, burritos or tacos… I eat a lot of spicy food which is good for metabolism. I also allow myself to eat treats like chocolate and believe it or not, during a race I will eat burgers like there’s no tomorrow. As long as you are keeping active and eating things in moderation you will be a happy little vegemite.

I do make sure that after a workout or a long run I feed my body with a smoothie. My go-to is either water or coconut milk, 1 scoop of BSc Hydroxy Burn Lean5 Protein powder (Vanilla Flavour) and 1 banana. I also make sure to take 1 scoop of magnesium in some water before bed to refuel my muscles.

What do you do to relax/unwind?
Surprisingly I actually I find a nice slow run does the trick, I genuinely love it. But I like chilling out with some old music from the 50s which sometime finds us down the beach with my UE-Boom speaker blaring Sam Cooke. We probably spend majority of our time down at the beach. I love a good documentary or a movie on the couch too!