A word from Gotcha4Life CEO, Tim Hodgson

SQDAthletica is now donating $1 from every transaction in-stores and online to Gotcha4Life to help reverse the tide of declining mental health and to reduce suicide in men and boys.

A word from Gotcha4Life CEO, Tim Hodgson.

SQDAthletica Ambassador Isaac Heeney with Gotcha4Life CEO Tim Hodgson

I have only been at Gotcha4Life for just over three months but three things have become very clear.

Firstly, the issue is more than an issue, it is an epidemic. Mental health, particularly in men, is at crisis point in many communities, demographics and industries across Australia.

Secondly, whilst there is a general awareness now that we have a problem, most people are still searching for an actionable answer to the challenge we face.

Finally, most funding is spent on the treatment of those already struggling with mental health. It would seem that a strong push into preventative programmes to reduce the incidence of mental health issues would help us provide the long term sustainable solution we need.

Gotcha4Life exists to reverse the tide of declining mental health and tackle the increasing suicide rates in our communities. Our focus is on men and boys. We advocate for preventative programmes in communities across Australia, and are a catalyst for the growth of innovative, effective and sustainable programmes. To date we have reached over 25,000 men and boys in all Australian states.

At Gotcha4Life we talk about Mental Fitness. That is, we believe in training your emotional muscle, building your social connections and thereby creating an underlying resilience in men and boys that will serve us all well for the moment that adversity strikes. It is not good enough to only think about your physical fitness, it is imperative we give more attention to our Mental Fitness.

This male focus, alongside the Mental Fitness approach, combines into a really exciting new partnership with SQDAthletica. As SQDAthletica rapidly grows its reach in Australia, with a quality product for men of all ages designed to get us all more active, we are so thrilled that we are able to work together and deliver the important message relating to Mental Fitness.

Here’s to a great partnership, here’s to actionable and measurable outcomes in communities across Australia and here’s to a full body workout that includes the mind!

Thank you SQD,


To learn more about Gotcha4Life and donate directly you can visit their website here: https://www.gotcha4life.org/

You can shop the SQDAthletica range online here:https://www.sqdathletica.com/