Scott Prince’s top 4 Gold Coast workouts

Queensland Rugby Leauge All Star Scott Prince shares his top places to workout on the Gold Coast in Queensland.
 The Gold Coast is full of great ways to stay fit and active. From the beach, to the hinterland, you seriously have so many options, but here are my top four:

1. HIIT at F45 Bundall 

My number one go to would have to be HIIT training (High Intense Interval Training) at F45 Bundall. While there’s a cost with this one, it is the perfect way to stay fit in a friendly environment. It’s a good opportunity to test yourself against fellow participants as you can push each other along, but it’s also great for just testing yourself. I like to strive to be better than I was yesterday. You vs You!

2. Currumbin Stairs 

The next is the Currumbin Stairs. Don’t be fooled by this picturesque location, because what lies in Currumbin is arguably the hardest stair session recorded (well for me anyway). These stairs were part of my pre-season training many moons ago for the Gold Coast Titans, but now I train there to prepare for touch football tournaments. I have trained alongside many talented athletes from all walks of life and have seen the best of them come undone on these stairs – tears have been shed, shortcuts have been taken and worst of all, brekky has come back up again! Ouch!

3. Burleigh Heads National Park 

A stone’s throw away from the Stairs, Burleigh Heads National Park is another great place to keep fit. Run or walk, this national park offers a great track with breathtaking views of the ocean. Perfect for those days where you don’t feel like torturing yourself with a high intensity workout!


4. Mount Warning 

This one’s perfect for the weekend and great for early birds. It’s the first place in the entire country to be hit with the morning sun, so if you make it up there for sunrise, you’re going to be in for one incredible view. But, like the Currumbin Stairs, don’t let the scenery fool you, the trail to the summit is more than 1000 steps and is equivalent to climbing a 30-story building, so prepare to be challenged on this 8.8 kilometre hike!


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