3 tips on how to fit exercise into your work week

Ben Pevreall ticks all the boxes. A family man, a corporate traveller, a triathlon enthusiast and an athletics coach, there’s very little this man can’t do. Constantly travelling the world for work (Ben spends approximately half the month overseas), he doesn’t let his busy schedule get in the way of keeping fit and healthy. Ben regularly competes in triathlons, marathons and Ironmen to keep his mind and body active, and he does it all while maintaining a successful career and looking after his young family, making him the ideal man to talk about finding balance!
I absolutely love my career, but as a regional vice president for an international business, work can get very consuming.

The search for constant business improvement, results and developing high performing teams can easily result in no time for exercise, but for me, keeping active and healthy is an absolute priority, so creating time slots in my calendar is an absolute must. Here’s how I fit exercise into my week:

1. Keep a fresh gym kit at work

Having a gym kit with me is a great way to slot training into my working days. It removes one of the biggest barriers to exercise (not having the right gear) and means whenever I get a half our or hour break, I can quickly pop out for a run or to the gym. With my travel schedule and being in a different city and country most weeks, my Anytime Fitness membership has been a brilliant. Wherever I am, I can slot in a quick workout at the local gym.

2. Make half an hour your own

The key to maintaining fitness with a busy schedule is plan your fitness every day. Your fitness is no different to your team meeting at work, set a time in your calendar and block it out. Not only is a quick fitness session great to maintain your overall health but it is also a great way to clear the mind and reset. For me, mixing these sessions up is a great way to keep it interesting. It could be anything from a quick run, to gym session or a walk.

3. Meditate

Mental fitness is just as important as physical fitness for me. I spend a lot of time clearing my head and working on mental fitness as I recognise that in today’s world we have so many stresses and expectations that can be quite overwhelming if we don’t keep them under control. How I keep my mental strength in my crazy work life is as follows:

* Maintain my physical fitness – a fit body helps with a fit mind

* Take time out every day to reset. For me I start every day with my coffee and 30minutes of me time just to digest the events of yesterday and set focus and priority for the day ahead

* Finally, the key and this is every guy out there, I talk about the challenges of the day. Whilst we are programmed to think we are invincible and can handle everything the reality is we can’t, so talking about the challenges keeps the balance.


Remember, work hard, play hard and love life!