Day in the life of a Sports Dietitian- Andrew Hall

It’s his job to keep athletes fueled to perform at their peak, but what does a day in the life look like for Andrew Hall, Accredited Sports Dietitian & Exercise Scientist at Apple to Zucchini?
4:30am: Alarm 
My day begins bright and early. As soon as I wake up, I head straight downstairs to have a coffee and a piece of fruit for some pre-training fuel.
5:15am: Gym/Sweat Session 
I exercise in the morning for a couple of reasons – one, nothing else can get in the way, and two, it energizes me for the day ahead and I get the endorphins for longer (the key is to fall asleep at the right time). I rotate through a bunch of exercise types, e.g. swimming, strength training, yoga, and running.
6:30am: Breakfast 
After training, I’ll have a plate filled with recovery food. Typically eggs on sourdough, spicy relish, plus some greens on the side if I have time.
7:00am: Commute 
I’ll listen to podcasts during my morning commute. Occasionally it’s personal interest but mostly it’s career related. I really like learning the latest research on exercise/nutrition science, psychology and behavioural change.
7:30am: Brew & Emails
Due to the different work roles I have (Sports and Performance Dietitian, Brisbane Bullets Dietitian, Queensland Golf Dietitian and Multi-Site Workplace Health Program Manager to name a few), there are a bunch of different emails to action. I’ll pop headphones in and sip on a coffee/tea during this.
8:00am – 18:00pm: Work, Work, Work
Days are constantly varied due to several roles, but typically I’m face-to-face with clients coaching health and nutrition. I work with individuals to enhance their wellbeing and performance, whether that’s in relation to work, parenthood, training, daily life, sports competition etc. Otherwise, my time might be spent writing articles, presenting to a group, working at the Brisbane Bullets training facility, on resource development, hydration testing, doing cooking demos, or coordinating and writing reports.
I aim to eat my pre-made lunch outside (…that part is a work in progress). I’ll put together food options that are satisfying, filled with quality nutrients, and don’t leave me feeling lethargic 90 minutes later. Meal prep happens most weekends and I’ll rotate through a bunch of different menu items.
3:00pm: Snack Time
Coffee, piece of fruit, some high protein yoghurt with nuts/seeds. This helps keep hunger at bay, blood sugars in check and powers me until dinner.

18:15pm: Home or More Work
Where I head to next depends on the day. It could be to a meeting, education session, or more work at home. Sometimes I have to fly with work. At some point I’ll spend time updating social media, but I’m not great in this world. Due to a hip injury, I’ve also just recently started reformer Pilates (don’t judge it until you’ve tried it), it’s harder than I expected. Otherwise I’ll get home and catch up with my girlfriend. While we are chatting, I’ll use the foam roller and trigger-ball to work on mobility. We might look to tick those life admin boxes, plan the next adventure, watch a documentary or unwind with some random stand up comedy.

8:45pm: Mindfulness
Considering every performance psychologist I hear speak, mentions the benefits of mindfulness/meditation, I lock in at least five minutes per day.
8:50pm: Lights out
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